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A CatFish Tale – El Cuento de Don Gato Pez

A CatFish Tale – El Cuento de Don Gato Pez

by Kathy Brodsky

‘A CatFish Tale’ is a funny story focusing on friendship and loyalty. The characters are models for diversity and tolerance as they go above and beyond for a good friend. The story is about being responsible and overcoming challenges. Life-skills discussion questions enhance the learning experience, and continue reader interaction long after the story is over.

The same story as a ‘CatFish Tale’ in English. The English version won Creative Child Book of the Year, and was also in the top 10 of the Children’s Choices Awards.

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Cameron Bennett
ISBN: 9780982852972
Price: $19.99
Published by: Helpingwords


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