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History Is Lit Podcast

History Is Lit Podcast

The History is Lit series explores literary history, book lore, ancient storytelling, and all places where stories and yesteryear meet

History is Lit explores historic events, literary genres, and underappreciated figures from history. This brainchild of CBC’s Laura Peraza started as blog posts where the link between history and kid lit is explored. Due to the column’s positive reception, History Is Lit has now evolved further into an all-new format: A podcast!

Join Laura and her colleague John McCormack as they talk passionately about their love of kid lit, history, pop culture, stories, graphic novels, and books.

You can expect a monthly episode of the podcast, as well as regular blog posts and book, finds for all things Literary History. Welcome to History is Lit. We hope you feel right at home!

Podcast Episodes


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Want to know about Anne Bonny, LEGO books, Fairy Tales, Children’s Book Week, Anne Sullivan, and more? Find all the interesting literary topics in our History Is Lit blog column.

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