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Friends for Freedom: The Story of Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass

Friends for Freedom: The Story of Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass

by Suzanne Slade

Their friendship changed America. They were unlikely friends, but the struggle for equality that Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass shared created a bond that lasted almost fifty years. This little-known story introduces young readers to two momentous personalities in American history and to their fiery passion for human rights and equality. When they met, they had only known each other’s reputations, but they became fast friends. They decided to combine their efforts and work together to win equality for African Americans and for women. Their friendship endured the harsh words and looks of their society. Their friendship lasted in the face of hostility and anger. Their friendship persisted even through their own disagreements—and they could fight like cats and dogs. But these two intellectual giants knew that fighting for what was right was the most important work they could do. Nicole Tadgell’s illustrations bring to life the tentative and uneasy beginnings of the fight for equality, with its trials and its triumphs. And through it all Susan and Frederick remained friends. As much a celebration of friendship and cooperation as it is a history of a pivotal time in American history.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Nicole Tagdell
ISBN: 9781580895699
Price: $7.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.


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