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Month: April 2020

  • Children’s Book Week Events

    Every Child a Reader is inviting you to celebrate Children's Book Week May 4-10 from wherever you are!

  • Screen-Free Saturdays!

    Take the pledge and join Screen-Free Week and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood on Screen-Free Saturdays. Unplug to recharge! You’re invited to Screen-Free Saturdays: one day of the week, every week to turn …

  • Tunes: Staff Picks

    See what the CBC has been listening to during social distancing!

  • Day in the Life: Ali Romig

    Ali Romig, Editorial Assistant for Delacorte Press, Random House Children's Books

  • Events: Climbing the Publishing Ladder Recap

    On February 13th, a panel of five publishing professionals gathered in one of Random House’s conference rooms, organized by Dial Books, for a conversation about how to advance your career …

  • Celebrate #BookWeek2020atHome

    Join us for the 101st Children’s Book Week, May 4-10! We invite everyone to celebrate with us at home and online using #BookWeek2020atHome. This celebration honors children’s books, readers, and book …

  • On the Bright Side

    Some good news to lift your spirits!

  • Let’s Talk Graphic Novels!

    A collection of articles that deep dive into the value of graphic novels and comics

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