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On the Bright Side

Some good news during these uncertain times

Despite all of the temporary transitions we’ve all found ourselves in, we’d like to shed some light on things happening in our communities that can inspire hope and a smile . It’s important for us to remember that we will eventually find ourselves on the other side of this chapter in our lives, but it’s never too late to see the good that’s already coming from it.

  • Ann Patchett, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN, wrote an uplifting and thought provoking article for The New York Times about “Why We Need Life-Changing Books Right Now“. She dives into a story about acquainting herself with author, Kate DiCamillo and all of her works. Patchett empathizes with the idea that books can transport us, show us new perspectives, and make us fall in love with creativity and the written word.
  • It humbles our hearts to see how much of the public has turned to books and storytelling as a way to pass the time in quarantine. The American Booksellers Association highlighted this great article by the Wall Street Journal that give some tips on how to support local businesses through this at-home chapter of our lives. Check out, “‘Wall Street Journal’ Ad Aims to Boost Consumer Support of Local Businesses” about some different ways you can support the businesses in your community.
  • #SomeGoodNews has been sweeping the internet lately. John Krasinski took to his living room for an at-home production of a series he’s calling “Some Good News”. The video is filled with Krasinski’s impeccable and charming humor, as well as some of his favorite heartwarming pieces of news that people have shared with him lately.
  • Shelf Awareness also gathered some pretty uplifting statistics about how the book world is being impacted by these transitions in their Thursday, March 26 publication. In general, the numbers are very encouraging and we look forward to continuing our efforts of sharing different types of storytelling with our communities.
  • Lastly for now, Today posted an article titled, “Texas Couple Donates Flowers to Assisted Living Homes After Postponing Wedding“. In these times, it has been amazing to virtually witness the way that humans are connecting with other humans. So many people have been taking these temporary setbacks in their plans and programming and repurposing some of the resources to help brighten the spirits of complete strangers.

Despite the uncertainty and pain associated with everything that is happening, countless silver linings have showed us that we, as a species, genuinely care for the wellbeing and happiness of others. As we go through this collectively, we are excited to share the good news with you too.

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