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Let’s Talk Graphic Novels!

A collection of articles that deep dive into the value of graphic novels and comics

The United States has been slower than other countries in developing a true respect for comic books and graphic novels. They’re often perceived as being less challenging to engage with and thus less productive at turning children into readers later in their lives. Quite the opposite is true.

This collection of articles breaks down the historical culture of graphic novels in the US, as well as provides professional insight on what graphic novels can offer young readers that chapter books can’t.

  • Another benefit to giving children graphic novels is that they open the possibility of covering highly sensitive topics in a way that shows them instead of just telling them. This could pertain to topics like racism, body image, and more. The New York Times article, “How Graphic Novels and Comics Can Move a Story” explains how graphic novels have transitioned into areas like these, as well as why they are the perfect tool for young minds in regard to their exposure to these topics.
  • Most children today are accustomed to very visually stimulating days, so getting them to sit down with a book can be a really jarring transition to make. Graphic novels offer a happy medium that engages with storytelling in a way that is both visual and written. The New York Times article, “Getting 21st-Century Kids to Read More Books“, offers a deep dive into this idea as well as other solutions a graphic novel can offer.

The next time you’re in the market to get something for your child, or pick material to teach in class, consider a graphic novel! They are a fantastic tool and art form that inspires a healthy imagination and relationship with storytelling that goes beyond a chapter book.

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