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Screen-Free Saturdays!

Take the pledge and join Screen-Free Week and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood on Screen-Free Saturdays.

Unplug to recharge! You’re invited to Screen-Free Saturdays: one day of the week, every week to turn off our devices in favor of connection, reflection, and quality time during quarantine and social distancing.

Take the pledge to go screen-free on Saturdays! When you do, you’ll join a community of thousands of parents and professionals who are navigating this unprecedented time as all of us use screens more than ever. You’ll receive weekly emails, encouragement, and tips for success, plus invitations for webinars and additional resources from CCFC and their Children’s Screen Time Action Network.

Learn more about Screen-Free Saturdays!

You can also see some wonderful resources created by Screen-Free Week in partnership with Every Child a Reader for Children’s Book Week. These resources can be used all year long and include an excellent screen-free themed reading list and 100 Awesome ideas for Screen-Free, reading related fun!

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