Tudley Didn’t Know

Tudley Didn’t Know

by John Himmelman

Tudley Didn’t Know is a delightful story about a pond-living turtle (painted turtle) who adopts other animals’ behaviors – simply because he doesn’t know he can’t! Tudley flies like a bird, sings like a katydid, hops like a frog, and glows like a firefly. He uses all his special behaviors to help other animals. Will Tudley’s friends help him when he needs help? John Himmelman’s whimsical illustrations draw readers (children and adults alike) into the story. The “Creative Minds” section includes crafts and information about animal adaptations and their habitats.

Ages: 4-8
Illustrated by: John Himmelman
ISBN: 9780976494362
Price: $15.95
Published by: Arbordale Publishing


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