Mending Horses

Mending Horses

by M. P. Barker

This deeply moving companion to A DIFFICULT BOY weaves an indelible piece of historical fiction into a gripping adventure that explores themes of patience, courage, kindness, and the true meaning of family.

Daniel Linnehan is an indentured servant no more. He has his papers, his beloved horse Ivy, and a new direction in life. But an Irish teenager in fine clothes with an even finer horse raises eyebrows in 1840s New England. After a terrible misunderstanding leaves Daniel beaten, the peddler Jonathan Stocking takes Daniel under his wing. But Billy, another Irish youngster traveling with Mr. Stocking is not thrilled. Despite Billy’s hostility, the two must work together, first as peddlers on the road, and then in a traveling circus where Daniel heals and trains the skittish circus ponies and Billy charms audiences with a singing voice from Heaven. While Billy is determined to leave the secrets of a heartbreaking and dangerous past behind, that past soon catches up to the three travelers, altering their lives forever.


Ages: Teen
ISBN: 9780823429486
Price: $17.95
Published by: Holiday House, Inc.


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