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Max Goes to the Space Station

Max Goes to the Space Station

by Jeffrey Bennett

The long-awaited prequel to the other books in the Science Adventures with Max the Dog series, this installment follows Max on his trip to the International Space Station where he shares in the adventures of astronaut life and helps save everyone from a potential disaster along the way. The book teaches children to see themselves and the planet in a new light and encourages readers to discover how they can help make the world a better place. Accompanying the story of how Max saves the day are numerous “Big Kid Box” sidebars that offer science facts and other pieces of fascinating information, including a clear explanation of why astronauts are weightless in space (it’s not what most people think!). Grown-ups and kids learn about science together with this fun and educational picture book. This book, along with the rest of the Max Science Adventure books, will be launched this winter to the International Space Station and read to the children of Earth by astronauts onboard. Also available in spanish!

Ages: 4-12
ISBN: 9781937548285
Price: $15.00
Published by: Big Kid Science


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