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All-Star Cheerleaders Book 1: Tick Tock, Taylor!

All-Star Cheerleaders Book 1: Tick Tock, Taylor!

by Anastasia Suen

Give a cheer for a new series based on the increasingly popular sport of competitive cheerleading!

Author Anastasia Suen researched the world of this growing sport that combines elements of cheerleading, gymnastics and dance into one to create the newly released All-Star Cheerleaders series. The six-to-eight-year-old members of the Glitter squad of “minis” from the Big D Elite Gym practice, compete, make new friends, learn new moves and have fun! The books stress the importance of teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship.

The All-Star Cheerleaders series kicks off with Tick Tock, Taylor! and Save the Best for Last, Abby. As the Glitter girls say, “Big D Elite can’t be beat! We’re the ones you want to meet!”

Ages: 6-9
Illustrated by: Hazel Mitchell
ISBN: 9781610670005
Price: $4.99
Published by: Kane Miller, A Division of EDC Publishing


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