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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park

by Barbara Ann Mojica

Award winning author Barbara Ann Mojica proudly presents her third book of the Little Miss HISTORY series titled Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park>. Since her last expedition to the Statue of Liberty, Little Miss HISTORY has meandered across the North American continent to the western coast and the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the recesses of Sequoia National Park where she will skydive into the forest. Here in the “land of the living giants,” the reader will become a detective to learn about the differences between redwood and sequoia trees. Explorers will discover its first inhabitants and three hundred species of wildlife. Through breathtaking illustrations, adventurers will traverse its trails and immerse themselves in the awesome beauty and magnificence of Sequoia National Park’s natural wonders. Readers may find out there are hidden dangers lurking there too.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Victor Ramon Mojica
ISBN: 9781497366398
Price: $13.95
Published by: eugenus Studios, LLC


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