Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie

by Lindsay Mattick

Behind A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh is the amazing true story of a real bear.

Before Winnie-the-Pooh, there was a real bear, rescued by Captain Harry Colebourn on route to World War I, and later was befriended by the real-life Christopher Robin. Told by Colebourn’s great-granddaughter, illustrated by Sophie Blackall, and complete with primary documents from the family archive, here is a piece of our literary heritage brought to life.

Ages: 3-6
Illustrated by: Sophie Blackall
ISBN: 0316324906
Price: $18.00
Published by: Little, Brown and Company Books for Young Readers


  • Lost. Found.
  • Winter
  • Breath to Breath
  • The Smurfs and Friends #1
  • Pet Shop Heroes
  • Nostromo the Dwarf
  • Doctor Nice
  • Magical Animal Adoption Agency: The Enchanted Egg
  • Mother Bruce
  • Cloud Country
  • Minna’s Patchwork Coat
  • Finding Winnie
  • One Today
  • Saint Anthony the Great
  • Look and Be Grateful
  • After the Ashes
  • ¡Vamonos! Let’s Go!
  • Bird and Squirrel on the Edge!
  • Flashes
  • The Lightning Queen
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