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Grandfather Whisker’s Table
Ages 6-10
Illustrated by: Eun-jeong Jo
ISBN: 9780802854742
Price: $10.00
Published by: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Grandfather Whisker’s Table

by Eun-jeong Jo
Enzo and his father are excited to be in Italy for the Palio di Siena festival. Enzo buys a toy woodpecker for his little brother, but the piazza is so crowded that Enzo worries he will lose it. Luckily, an old man named Grandfather Whisker is loaning and exchanging money at the festival. He agrees to keep the toy safe and gives Enzo a receipt so he can collect it later. But now Enzo must be careful not to lose his receipt amidst all the festivities.

This latest installment in the Trade Winds series offers readers a relatable story while providing historical information about the first known bank.
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