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Favorites Lists

Favorites Lists

The books in these lists are read and voted on by thousands of children across the US each year. These Favorites Lists can be counted on as books children, teens, and teachers really enjoy reading!

Children’s, Young Adults’, and Teacher’s Choices will now be called Children’s Favorites, Young Adult Favorites, and Teacher Favorites. 

The ILA and CBC co-coordinated the Choices program since 1974. The program was paused in 2020 and now the CBC has agreed to run the program in full. We are grateful to the ILA for their years of work in making these lists a go-to resource for educators, librarians, and caregivers. 

Each year, young people from Kindergarten to 12th grade and teachers across 50 states read newly-published children’s and YA books and vote for the ones they like best. 80 review teams across the country work so that kids and educators read and select books. These Favorites lists, selected from hundreds of titles submitted by publishers, can be counted as books children, young adults, and teachers really enjoy reading!



WINNING TITLES (Annotated Lists)

  • 2023 Children’s Favorites (Coming in Spring 2023)
  • 2023 Young Adult Favorites (Coming in Spring 2023)
  • 2023 Teacher Favorites (Coming in Spring 2023)

View the lists when they were known as Children’s Choices, Young Adults’ Choices, and Teacher’s Choices.

Publishers: Learn more about submitting titles to this listEmail Sommer.Wissner@cbcbooks.org with questions.


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