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The Boy and the Bear

The Boy and the Bear

by Peter Stein

The boy and the bear were always a pair . . . . until the boy found a goat in a coat, a huggable slug, a funky old monkey, a rodeo rat, a sing-along thing, and a tottering otter. The boy loses his bear and panics. “I WANT MY BROWN BEAR!” he cries. When the boy finally finds his bear, he returns the other toys, and the boy and the bear are a pair again. This humorous, kid-pleasing story in verse touches on a wide range of subjects, including emotions, fear, love, loss, sadness, joy, resolve, facial emotion recognition (reading facial expressions), anti-materialism, and toys.

Ages: 3-7
Illustrated by: Peter Stein
ISBN: 9780823440955 
Price: $17.99
Published by: Holiday House, Inc.


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