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The Apple Tree: A Modern-Day Cherokee Story

The Apple Tree: A Modern-Day Cherokee Story

by Sandy Tharp -Thee

Cherokee author Sandy Tharp-Thee tells a modern-day Cherokee tale about a little boy who plants an apple seed, already seeing the apple tree it is meant to be. The little apple tree, however, is young and impatient, and when apples fail to appear on its branches that first season it begins to doubt its calling. How can the little boy find the encouragement needed so his friend will give the seasons and years the time to work their magic. Told in English with Cherokee translation; the book includes a Cherokee syllabary—so parents, teachers, and youngsters can learn to pronounce Cherokee together!

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Marlena Campbell Hodson
ISBN: 9781937054038
Price: $17.95
Published by: The RoadRunner Press


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