Storm Watcher

Storm Watcher

by Maria V. Snyder

Luke Riley is lost.


His mother’s recent death has set Luke and his family adrift. Even though his father, twin brothers, and their three bloodhounds are search-and-rescue volunteers, they have been unable to rescue themselves and become a family again.


The summer after sixth grade looms in Luke’s mind as a long, lonely three months where the only thing he can look forward to is watching the Weather Channel. Luke is fascinated with the weather, but since his mother’s death in a storm, he is also terrified. Even the promised thirteenth birthday present of a bloodhound puppy fails to lift Luke’s spirits. He would rather have a different breed – a petite papillon – but his father insists he get a bloodhound.


Luke works out a deal with Willajean, the dog breeder who owns Storm Watcher Kennel, to help her in exchange for the expensive dog. Thrilled to have a summer with a purpose, Luke befriends Willajean’s daughter, Megan, and together they plan how to get Luke a papillon puppy instead of a bloodhound. But things go wrong, and they struggle with stubborn fathers, summer storms, unhelpful siblings, and hidden guilt.


Ages: 9-12
ISBN: 9781616030339
Price: $9.99
Published by: Leap Books


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