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Isle of Mystery: Eyes of The King

Isle of Mystery: Eyes of The King

by JZ Bingham

Isle of Mystery is the second part of an adventure trilogy in the award-winning Salty Splashes Collection cartoon series for boys and girls ages 4-12+. Picking up where Dreamy Drums left off, the cast bravely explores a seemingly deserted island, displaying elements of teamwork, resilience and making the best of their situation with humor and rich dialogue. Meet new characters and experience a continuation of the Salty Splashes Movies On Paper theme with a lush backdrop depicting our fictional version of California’s mysterious Channel Islands, setting the stage for journey’s end in book three, Gansevort.

Ages: 4-12
Illustrated by: Curt Walstead
ISBN: 9781939454126
Price: $16.95
Published by: Balcony 7 Media and Publishing LLC


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