Science Dogs

Science Dogs

by Meish Goldish

A dachshund named Jasper was unable to move his back legs after injuring his spinal cord in an accident. In 2012, scientists at Cambridge University tried an unusual experiment to help Jasper walk again. They took special cells from inside his nose and transplanted them in his spine. Would the cells be able to repair Jasper’s damaged spinal cord?

For more than a century, dogs have played a key role in scientific discoveries that benefit both people and pets–from the invention of the pacemaker to a cancer-sniffing machine modeled after a dog’s nose. With fascinating stories and full-color photos of Jasper and other science dogs, this book is sure to appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Science Dogs is part of Bearport’s Dog Heroes series.

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 9781617728877
Price: $18.95
Published by: Bearport Publishing Company


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