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Disney Before the Story: Anna Finds a Friend

Disney Before the Story: Anna Finds a Friend

by Kate Egan

Original story that reveals how Anna became who she is today—starting as a young girl. Follow an eight year old Anna on an all new adventure. Illustrated in a Frozen style with approximately 30 pieces of art and a cover. Can be picked up with Elsa’s Beginnings and Kristoff’s Beginnings to be printed as a collection.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Elisabetta Melaranci
ISBN: 9781368056045
Price: $6.99
Published by: Disney Press


  • Nina Soni, Sister Fixer
  • It’s a Great, Big Colorful World
  • The Sunken Tower
  • Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice
  • Let’s Dance!
  • Bo the Brave
  • What’s Growing in Mommy’s Tummy?
  • One World, Many Colors
  • How to Solve a Problem
  • The Midnight Lie
  • Solve This! Forensics
  • Night of the Dragon
  • Music From Another World
  • The Postman From Space
  • Letters from Bear
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Where
  • Wicked As You Wish
  • The Spirit of Springer
  • No Steps Behind: Beate Sirota Gordon’s Battle for Women’s Rights in Japan
  • The Biggest Story
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