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Big City Magic: Uncover the Secret of the Big Apple

Big City Magic: Uncover the Secret of the Big Apple

by Jeanne Bender

 Lindie Lou can hardly wait to see what adventures New York City has to offer. She hears a legend about a Big Apple Tree located somewhere on Manhattan Island. The legend says anyone who finds the tree, will discover the biggest, sweetest, juiciest, apples on earth. A rescue puppy named Bella, agrees to help Lindie Lou search for the Big Apple Tree. During their quest, they encounter unusual characters including a mysterious wise woman, a curious pack of dogs, an energetic restaurant owner, and a jolly mentor. Follow Lindie Lou on an incredible journey to find the Big Apple Tree because there’s more to the story. The legend also says… “This tree holds a secret so amazing, so incredible, so important, it can change your life!” This safe, gentle series is a bridge between beginning chapter books and novels. They work well as a read aloud, with small groups, or large group instruction. The Lindie Lou Adventure Series is purposefully written to include both boys and girls. Creative fonts, color illustrations, short chapters, and intentional white-space create an inviting format pleasing to the eye. This helps build stamina for all readers. The Lindie Lou Adventure Series books are 150-270 pages, written at a 2nd grade reading level. The illustrated character page at the beginning of the book and the educational back matter include the Lindie Lou Song, a Quick Quiz, Fun Facts and Calendar of Events including websites which allow educators and readers the opportunity to explore more. Piloted with K-4 students, this series has proven to be the first chapter book read by Hi-Lo readers, a winner for ELL students, and a favorite with young readers. The Comic Sans font (14 pt.) makes this the perfect choice for dyslexic, sight impaired, or other special needs students. Teacher created, downloadable materials are available for all the books in the series at lindielou.com.

Ages: 4-Up
Illustrated by: Kate Willows
ISBN: 9781943493265
Price: $10.00
Published by: Pina Publishing


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