Man Up!

Man Up!

by "Riley Campbell; Shirelle Hurt; London Jones "

Aaron is outgoing and funny and a whiz at kickball. He’s also compassionate and kind, reading books at the old folks’ home down H street. Basically, he’s pretty great. But he’s got a problem: Everyone calls him a crybaby. When his friends cheat at Forknife, he cries out of anger. When he sees his friend Tayshawn hurt a neighborhood dog, he cries out of empathy. And when misses his oldest brother, Sage, who’s away at college, he cries out of loneliness. His dad, his friends, and his classmates tell him to “Leave that crying for the girls.” How can Aaron learn to value his feelings and nurture his sensitivity in a world telling him to “man up”?

Ages: 5-8
Illustrated by: Joy Ingram
ISBN: 9781950807055
Price: $11.99
Published by: Shout Mouse Press


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