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Harvest Time: A Celebration on an Organic Farm
Ages 5-9
Illustrated by: Kate Willows
ISBN: 9781943493142
Price: $10.00
Published by: Pina Publishing

Harvest Time: A Celebration on an Organic Farm

by Jeanne Bender
Lindie Lou has no idea what an organic farm is like. While visiting Cousin Ronda’s farm she discovers a whole new way of living.
Lindie Lou learns the importance of farming, meets up with family and friends, and her adventure in the Midwest begins!

Join the fun when Lindie Lou experiences the thrill of a hayloft, the challenge of farm animals, the puzzle of a corn maze, and the danger of a combine.
Lindie Lou learns life lessons while her family prepares to celebrate the harvest. Watch them play together, get in trouble together, even save each other’s lives.
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