Dinosaur A to Z

Dinosaur A to Z

by Dustin Growick

DK’s Dinosaur A to Z is a grand, colorful parade of the most exciting dinosaurs that have ever lived – from Abelisaurus to Zizhongosaurus! This dip-into delight for any young dinosaur enthusiast provides a line-up of the biggest, smallest, baddest, and scaliest dinosaurs that have been discovered to date. The book offers a fabulous parade of dinosaurs in alphabetical order, marching across each spread and shown to scale. Children can learn how to pronounce the names, the meaning behind dinosaur names, and the different dinosaur shapes, sizes, and what they ate. The book includes feature spreads on other prehistoric animals from sea creatures to flying reptiles.

Ages: 4-6
ISBN: 9781465463142
Price: $24.99
Published by: DK Publishing, Inc.


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