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Reading Beyond

Reading Beyond

Reading list created by the American Library Association/Children’s Book Council Joint Committee for use by educators, librarians, and parents who support young people reading at an advanced level.

BRAND NEW: Free supplemental content from authors and illustrators to support their books on the Reading Beyond lists. Explore videos, written interviews, educator guides, and more that you can share with your young readers, fostering a deeper connection with this amazing books.

For anyone interested in discovering books for children reading at an advanced level, the Reading Beyond lists are the resource for you! Created and periodically updated by the ALA-CBC (American Library Association & Children’s Book Council) Joint Committee, this resource “celebrates the power of books to lift and expand children’s minds, providing reading experiences beyond levels and limits.” – Susan Polos and Janet Wond, 2017/2018 Committee co-chairs

Featuring three categories with 25 titles each, these books were evaluated by the ALA member librarians of the committee and were chosen for their content, quality, and variety of genre and format. 

You can explore the searchable lists here.

Download printable versions in various formats and with annotations written by librarians on the ALA-CBC Committee.

Kindergarten-1st graders reading at a 3rd grade level

2nd-3rd graders reading at a 5th grade level

4th-5th graders reading at a 7th grade level


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