The Children's Book Council's Early Career Committee (ECC) is dedicated to enriching the careers of those in their first five years in the children’s publishing industry, contributing to the vitality of the industry as a whole, and fostering literacy. Learn more

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The Mentor Corner: Kristine Enderle, Editorial Director, Magination Press

The Mentor Corner: Kristine Enderle, Editorial Director, Magination Press

What was your first job in publishing? I was a development editor at Human Kinetics, a sport science text books publisher in Champaign, Illinois. What was your career path like getting to your current role?Completely convoluted! I actually have a …

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Day in the Life

Name: Hannah Milton (ECC Committee member)House: Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersPosition: Assistant Editor 6:10am: My alarm goes off. This is the ideal time for me to wake up. But instead of getting out of bed, I hit snooze by accident and fall …

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Tips of the Month

Inbox Etiquette: I find it helpful to keep emails in your inbox until you’ve accomplished the task included therein, or responded adequately to any questions directed your way. This way, there’s a visual incentive to promptly completing short-term tasks and communications. …

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What I Didn't Know

When I started my second publishing internship, I didn’t realize how helpful it would be to write down all the general publishing or editorial questions I accrued during the previous week, to bring to my supervising editors during our weekly …

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