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Tips of the Month: August 2019 | August 6, 2019

Contributed by Alexandra Hightower, (ECC Committee Member) Assistant Editor at Random House Children's Books

Compile a secondary New Hire packet.

Most jobs will offer New Hire materials, but I highly recommend supplementing this information with helpful tips from the coworkers at your level (or close to your level). During my first few months with my editorial team, a fellow junior editor shared various protocols and templates (and I scribbled down her shortcuts and recommendations). Today, I still have many of these materials compiled in a folder and I still find myself referring to them!

Find your personal organizational system.

Everyone’s different, and the trick is sorting out what works for you. If aesthetics keep you focused, invest in a nice planner or a set of colorful pens. Or, if digital is more your speed, try an online task list (I love—recommended to me by a coworker!).   

Netflix can be pretty chill.

When you enter publishing, it may seem as though you hardly have time to consume any media besides books. However—as shocking as it may sound—try to make time for other forms of media in your life. From TV, to movies, to podcasts, to music, there’s a lot to absorb from these that will inform your knowledge of trends and your overall understanding of children’s books! Sometimes, it’s okay to say yes to an extra episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

BONUS Tip for NYC Publishing People!

Summer in New York City is unique, so don’t miss out on the chance to go outside and explore while it’s warm. As a few recommended starting places: catch a movie in Bryant Park, check out an outdoor festival such as the Queens Night Market or Smorgasburg, or join a newsletter for tips on free or cheap events around town (I love The Skint).

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