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The Falconer: A Heartland Tale

The Falconer: A Heartland Tale

by Darcy Pattison

Kirkus review says, “…charismatic YA fantasy…”
In the tradition of Tamora Pierce, this fantasy presents a heroine of wit, strength, and savvy.
Britt’s only goal is to become a falconer.
She steals a gyrfalcon egg in hopes of raising a chick.
But the fierce Zendi, who’ve conquered the Heartland, appear on her doorstep.
She’s pulled into their conflict.

Their prophecies warn of a Wayfinder and a Bell.
She’s just an apprentice Wayfinder.
But she’s the only one who has a Finding for the missing Bell.
Can Britt and her falcon journey together across the Heartland, Find the Bell and save her people?
This is the story of a falconer, a courageous girl who strides out of the north country and into legend.
Book club discussion questions available.

Ages: 9-Up
ISBN: 9781629441221
Price: $25.99
Published by: Mims House


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