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Science Stunts: Fun Feats of Physics

Science Stunts: Fun Feats of Physics

by Jordan D. Brown

Science Stunts will start a chain reaction of fun and experimentation outside the lab. Readers will be amazed and delighted as they try magic tricks that are based in important physics concepts such as gravity, inertia, magnetism, sound vibrations, and more. Narrated by a humorous science showman, Dr. Dazzleberry (known to his fans as “Dr. Dazz”), readers go on a journey through many amazing scientific discoveries. Amusing, edifying commentary from cartoon versions of Newton, Galileo, and Einstein inspire student scientist to experiment with glee.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Andrew Owsley
ISBN: 9781623540647
Price: $16.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

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