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Sanjay & Craig #2: “New Kid on the Block”

Sanjay & Craig #2: “New Kid on the Block”

by Eric Esquivel

It’s three awesome Sanjay & Craig stories in one volume!

This time the focus is on the dynamic duo’s friend and hero, the “king of unintentional cool” – Remington Tufflips!

In “A Lip By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Tuff”, Sanjay & Craig set out to discover one of the greatest mysteries of all time – the origin of Remington’s last name. Then in :”Remington Tufflips: Space Messiah”, S & C team up with their idol to fight aliens and monsters (and learn a little bit more about Remington as well). Finally, when Remington is turned in to a baby by “The McGuffin of Youth”, our heroes have to help him get back to his proper age. The solution – expose Remington to his own inappropriate movies, music and hot sauce!

Learn everything you wanted to know (and more) about the coolest neighbor ever!

Ages: 7-up
Illustrated by: Ryan Jampole, James Kaminski, Sam Spina
ISBN: 9781629914251
Price: $7.99
Published by: Papercutz

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