by Robin Talley

“To avoid problems in her personal life, openly gay high school senior Abby Cohen focuses all of her attention on her senior project: writing and researching 1950s lesbian pulp fiction. Abby knows life was different back then, but on the page, Abby’s own feelings, desires, hopes and questions are all there. Chasing that connection, Abby decides to track down her favorite pulp author, a woman named Marian Love.

In 1955 eighteen-year-old Janet Jones—the woman who would one day be published as Marian Love—must keep her feelings and the love she has for her best friend, Marie, a secret from her family and the rest of the world. But when Janet discovers books about women like her, she realizes she can live her truth…through fiction. As Janet pours her secrets into a novel of her own, she risks exposing herself, and Marie, to a danger all too real.”

Ages: 12-Up
ISBN: 9781335012906
Price: $18.99
Published by: Harlequin Teen


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