Out of Breath: Kendra’s Big Secret

Out of Breath: Kendra’s Big Secret

by Destiney Mayhew, Aderemi Abosede, Kairon Cunningham

Kendra the Kangaroo is getting ready for her hockey team’s big game against their rival. The only problem? Her team doesn’t think that kangaroos belong in hockey. And even worse, Kendra is afraid they’ll kick her off the team if they find out that she has asthma. So she keeps a big secret, and tries to prove that she belongs on the ice. Can her friend Rahim the Rabbit convince her to be herself and tell the truth before she puts herself in danger?

Ages: 6-9
Illustrated by: Zoë Gatti
ISBN: 9781945434020
Price: $11.99
Published by: Shout Mouse Press


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