My Bent Tree

My Bent Tree

by Kathy Brodsky

My Bent Tree is a delightful, heart-warming  story told in rhyme about friendship and love between a little girl and a tree.  If the tree had been perfect, no one would have given it a second glance, but it’s because it looked different, that the girl stopped to examine it more closely.

The story spans many years and shows how we care for each other in relationships – through good and often difficult times.  It’s also about accepting differences, living with a disability, and environmental activism.  Discussion questions follow the story.

A lot happens in this seemingly simple story about a unique friendship.

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Cameron Bennett
ISBN: 9780615160665
Price: $19.95
Published by: Helpingwords


  • The Kissing Hand
  • Wild Rose’s Weaving
  • Who Needs Love
  • When a Dad Says “I Love You”
  • Twosomes: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom
  • Tweet Hearts
  • The Wrap-Up List
  • The Shape of My Heart
  • The Romeo and Juliet Code
  • The Jellybeans Love to Dance
  • The Candy Smash
  • The Big Crunch
  • Ten Things I Love About You
  • Sunny Bunnies
  • Soldiers’ Dogs
  • Smooch Your Pooch
  • Samsara Dog
  • Otter and Odder
  • Olive and the Big Secret
  • Not Exactly a Love Story
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