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Feminism Is…

Feminism Is…

by Foreword writer: Roxane Gay

It didn’t just start with #MeToo. Today’s feminism is more diverse than ever before and asks all kinds of questions. Combining insightful text with graphic illustrations, Feminism Is…tackles topics including intersectionality, the gender pay gap, the male gaze, and mansplaining.

Find out what equality for women really means, get a short history of feminism, and take a look at the concerns affecting women at work, in the home, and around sex and identity. Get answers to the big issues and meet some of the most groundbreaking feminists like Audre Lorde and bell hooks.

Addressing ongoing feminist concerns and including an original foreword by Roxane Gay, Feminism Is… takes on important themes in informative, thought-provoking ways.

Ages: 12-Up
Illustrated by: DK
ISBN: 9781465479556
Price: $12.99
Published by: DK

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