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Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World

Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World

by Anna Crowley Redding

Ages: Teen
ISBN: 9781250313621


  • Zhang Heng and the Incredible Earthquake Detector
  • What Is Math?
  • Superpower?: The Wearable-Tech Revolution
  • Something Great
  • Sleuth & Solve: Science
  • Show and Tell! Great Graphs and Smart Charts: An Introduction to Infographics
  • Science Comics: Bridges: Engineering Masterpieces
  • Penny, the Engineering Tail of the Fourth Little Pig
  • No Boundaries: 25 Women Explorers and Scientists Share Adventures, Inspiration, and Advice
  • The Mystery of the Monarchs: How Kids, Teachers, and Butterfly Fans Helped Fred and Norah Urquhart Track the Great Monarch Migration
  • Lion Lights: My Invention That Made Peace with Lions
  • In Our Garden
  • Imhotep of Ancient Kemet
  • How to Hear the Universe: Gaby González and the Search for Einstein’s Ripples in Space-Time
  • How Science Saved the Eiffel Tower
  • Edward Lorenz and the Chaotic Butterflies
  • Concrete: From the Ground Up
  • Break Down!
  • Blips on a Screen: How Ralph Baer Invented TV Video Gaming and Launched a Worldwide Obsession
  • Blast Off!: How Mary Sherman Morgan Fueled America Into Space
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