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by Caroline Bretherton

More than 400 delicious dessert ideas and recipes!

Desserts pairs 68 classic desserts from around the world with step-by-step photography and ideas for variations – in all this cookbook packs in more than 400 recipes.

You can master the classics, such as New York cheesecake, crème brûleé, crêpes, macaroons, meringues, and more. Each great dessert classic is followed by different interpretations on that recipe. Some of these interpretations are familiar, while others introduce exciting new flavor pairings. Plus, features showcase ideas for how to decorate and present truly show-stopping desserts.

All 68 classic recipes in Desserts are demonstrated with step-by-step photos that also are relevant to the variations, so you can be sure that whatever dessert you choose will be sure to impress when entertaining, at holidays and occasions, or just a special day at home.

Ages: 3-up
ISBN: 9781465438027
Price: $35.00
Published by: DK Publishing, Inc.

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