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Fantastic Adventures

The CBC Graphic Novel Committee presents our second San Diego Comic-Con 2023 panel: Fantastic Adventures.

Want to hear about Odunze and F.C.’s anime and manga influences? How did Nicole and Lisa use graphic novels to teach? Find out more by watching the panelists explore exercising imaginations and engaging passions with graphic novels. From the teachers using graphic novels to engage creativity and visual literacy in middle-grade students to our creators being inspired by influences growing up as well as the pop culture world, this is a panel full of fantastic adventures you don’t want to miss.


  • Lisa Harrison – Middle School Teacher


  • Nichole Santangelo – STE(A)M teacher
  • Franco Aureliani (Fae and the Moon) – Little Bee Books / Yellow Jacket
  • Odunze Oguguo aka Whyt Manga (Apple Black) – Quarto Books / Rockport Publishing
  • Lucas Turnbloom (Steve L. McEvil and the Second Wind) – Random House Graphics
  • Gabriel Valentin (Digital Lizards of Doom) – MadCave / Papercutz
  • F.C. Yee (Chronicles of the Avatar) – Abrams Children’s Books

We thank the San Diego Public Library for sending us the video footage so we can share these wonderful panels with all of you!

Coming Up: Growing and Becoming.

Find more videos of our 2023, as well as our 2022 panels, on our YouTube channel!

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