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In Celebration of Juneteenth

The CBC has gathered the voices of several authors, illustrators, and editors on the subject of Juneteenth and its power and importance.

The authors of The Brown Bookshelf recorded a conversation in 2021 as to why Juneteenth matters.

Christianne Jones, the Juneteenth for Mazie editor, told CBC, “Not only did Floyd Cooper teach me about Juneteenth, but he taught me the value of vibrant storytelling. Floyd’s remarkable talent shines through Juneteenth for Mazie, and I will forever be proud of our work together. This picture book should be in every library, school, and home — keeping Floyd’s memory alive and bringing the importance of Juneteenth to everyone.”

Author Crystal Allen went to Ashton Hall and read from Floyd Cooper’s Juneteenth for Mazie and recreated the reading of General Order Number 3. Read about this powerful event and watch a reading recording.


A CBC book list of Juneteenth children’s and adult books.

More about Floyd Cooper’s books.

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