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Children’s Book Holiday Catalog & Regional Book Awards

Children’s Gift Book & Regional Book Award Round-up

The CBC would like to highlight the passionate work of all the independent booksellers across the country and the publishers whose books are featured in each year’s holiday gift-giving guides —as we know, books make great gifts! Along with these, let us shine a well-deserved light on the authors and illustrators who’ve won this year’s regional book awards. 

The Regional Bookseller Associations organize the catalogs and book awards for their member bookstores. This is possible due to each executive director, boards, thousands of booksellers, and others who put in the work and time to bring great new children’s and adult books to their customers’ attention every day, especially during the holiday gift-giving season. 

The associations featured below list regional bestseller lists and regional book awards.  

NEIBA (New England)
Holiday Catalog NEIBA 
New England Book Awards 2021 

NAIBA (MidAtlantic)
Holiday Catalog NAIBA 
NAIBA Book of the Year Awards 2021 

SIBA (Southeast)
Holiday Catalog SIBA
The Southern Book Prize 2022 

GLIBA (Great Lakes)
Winter Catalog GLIBA 
2021 Voice of the Heartland Award 

MIBA (Midwest)
Holiday Catalog MIBA

MPIBA (Mountains and Plains)
Holiday Catalog MIBA
Reading the West Book Awards

PNBA (Pacific Northwest)
Holiday Catalog Northwest
Pacific Northwest Book Awards 

CALIFORNIA (California)
Golden Poppy Awards 

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