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Announcing the New National Ambassador Reading = HOPE x CHANGE Activity Kit

As part of Jacqueline Woodson’s tenure as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, we have created a fun and jam-packed activity kit for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents to use with kids!

The theme of the kit is based on Jacqueline’s motto as ambassador – Reading = HOPE x CHANGE (What’s your equation?) – and these pages will help everyone create a variety of activities and discussion opportunities to engage kids and teens in the joy of reading and empowerment.

Downloadable here, the kit contains: games, an “Equation Creator” and “Equation Designer,” Jacqueline’s own list of recommended reading and more.

Shaina Birkhead, programming and strategic partnerships director at the CBC and Every Child a Reader: “This beautiful Reading = HOPE x CHANGE kit will be available for the entirety of Jacqueline’s ambassadorship, continuing the strong personal engagement with kids of all ages that is central to the National Ambassador program and all the ambassadors.” She added, “This will mark more than a decade of promoting the love of reading across the country and in every community, benefiting kids and teens, those who read with them and teach them, and the wide and wonderful publishing community and society as a whole.”

Learn more here!

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