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America’s Youth Have Spoken: Hillary Clinton Is Generation Z’s Choice for President

NEW YORK, NY — Channel One News, a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt company, today announced Hillary Clinton the winner of OneVote 2016, Channel One News’s nationwide mock election for students in upper elementary, middle and high schools. Hillary Clinton won 47% of the overall vote out of nearly 300,000 ballots cast with Donald Trump winning 41% and “other” candidates 12%. Clinton also won 365 out of 538 Electoral College votes and key swing states including Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

“If our students were voting today, they would have elected the first female president of the United States. That is a historic occasion that cannot be ignored, even if having a woman president is seen by our young people as a natural event,” said Angela Hunter, SVP and Executive Producer at Channel One News. “It has been very evident throughout this campaign that students care about political issues as well as the tenor of political discourse in this country. They are deeply invested in the outcome of this election.”

“OneVote has accurately predicted the next president of the United States in every mock election since the program began in 1992. In a few weeks, we will see if that record holds,” said Hunter.

In addition to selecting the next president of the United States, the OneVote ballot asked students about the political issue that is most important to them. The top three issues they named are:

  • Terrorism: selected by 19%
  • Education: selected by 12%
  • Gun Control: selected by 11%

Hillary Clinton carried several swing states, including:

  • Arizona: Clinton 53%, Trump 29%, Other 18%
  • Colorado: Clinton 55%, Trump 33%, Other 11%
  • Florida: Clinton 53%, Trump 35%, Other 12%
  • Maine: Clinton 48.5%, Trump 37%, Other 14.5%
  • Nevada: Clinton 65%, Trump 25%, Other 10%
  • New Hampshire: Clinton 48.5%, Trump 38.5%, Other 13%
  • North Carolina: Clinton 56%, Trump 35%, Other 9%
  • Pennsylvania: Clinton 51%, Trump 40%, Other 9%
  • Virginia: Clinton 45%, Trump 41%, Other 14%

Donald Trump carried:

  • Georgia: Trump 47%, Clinton 39%, Other 14%
  • Iowa: Trump 47%, Clinton 37%, Other 16%
  • Michigan: Trump 44%, Clinton 43%, Other 13%
  • Ohio: Trump 47%, Clinton 39%, Other 14%

Hillary Clinton also won a few traditionally red states, such as Missouri (45% to Donald Trump’s 43%) and Texas (56% to 31%).

Voting took place in schools nationwide Oct. 17-21. Nearly 300,000 votes were cast by students in grades 4-12 across all 50 states. Please visit OneVote.com for more information, including an electoral map and state-by-state breakdown of the OneVote 2016 results.


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