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LOOK! Germany is Guest of Honour at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016

Over 30 illustrators and seven exhibitions – #GerGuest #BolognaBookFair

Frankfurt, 3 March 2016 – ‘LOOK!’ – That is Germany’s message when it presents itself as Guest of Honour at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (4 to 7 April 2016), most important international platform for illustration, and for children’s and young adult books. A specially curated exhibition of illustrators is planned at the exhibition site, as well as a professional programme, while further events will be held around the city. ‘LOOK!’ – All eyes will be on illustrative art made in Germany, represented in person by more than 30 significant German children’s book illustrators. On the ground, you can meet award-winning artists like Jutta Bauer, Anke Kuhl, Philip Waechter and Henning Wagenbreth. The ‘LOOK!’ logo itself is the work of Ole Könnecke.

For more than 40 years, Germany has attended the Bologna Children’s Book Fair with a collective stand. The German Guest of Honour appearance at the fair in 2016 is being organised by the Frankfurt Book Fair and our partners. The Goethe-Institut is responsible for the support programme outside the fair in Bologna. The project has received financial backing from the German Federal Foreign Office.

LOOK! A view of Germany

The main purpose of the organisers is to reveal the full spectrum of the contemporary German illustrators’ scene, with the aim of introducing new artists to the international publishing world. Thus, the centrepiece of the German presentation will be a 300 sq m exhibition of original artworks by 30 highly diverse artists, most of whom are still waiting to achieve their international breakthrough.

The 30 illustrators are: Kristina Andres – Anke Bär – Sonja Bougaeva – Antje Damm – Sonja Danowski – Stella Dreis – Judith Drews – Julia Friese – Stefanie Harjes – Ina Hattenhauer – Reinhard Kleist – Elsa Klever – Tobias Krejtschi – Anke Kuhl – Torben Kuhlmann – Jonas Lauströer – Markus Lefrançois – Sebastian Meschenmoser – Daniel Napp – Julia Neuhaus – Lena Pflüger – Moni Port – Gerda Raidt – Sybille Schenker – Katrin Stangl – Dirk Steinhöfel – Joëlle Tourlonias – Einar Turkowski – Jan von Holleben – Mehrdad Zaeri.

Furthermore, 85 books will be presented. Of these, 30 are by the above named artists, while the other 55 are the work of internationally recognised artists such as Aljoscha Blau, Axel Scheffler, Ali Mitgutsch, Rotraut Susanne Berner and Martin Baltscheit.

The exhibition will remain open to the public at the weekend, following the end of the book fair (8 – 10 April 2016).

An exhibition area ringed with cardboard tubes

The design of the Guest of Honour exhibition emphasises its slogan ‘LOOK!’. The walls consist of cardboard tubes through which people can look into the stand from all sides. In the initiative “BolognaBlob”, visitors get directly involved in the goings-on at the exhibition. Blobs of watercolour paint in various colours and forms provide the basis for something entirely new. With just a few strokes, one “blob” becomes a mouse, a monster or a being from outer space. Come and blob with us!

After Bologna, the exhibition will be shown in Hamburg’s Fabrik der Künste (14 June – 3 July).

The German Stand: Pavilion 30, B 34

Some 34 German publishers will be present at the German collective stand (Pavilion 30, B 34), with over 70 members staff. As in other years, this will be a place for business discussions, where international licensing professionals and commercial partners can discover, reserve and purchase the latest new releases. Moreover, in the immediate vicinity of the collective stand you will also find numerous other German publishers with their own individual stands.

The share of children’s and young adult books in Germany’s general book market has been gradually increasing in recent years, and reached 17.5% in 2015. As such, it is now the second-biggest category after fiction. In 2014, 8,142 new titles were released in the segment, accounting for 11% of the total publishing production. In terms of the licensing business, children’s and young adult books occupy first place. In 2014, of the total 6,443 licenses sold, 2,362 were for children’s and young adult books (source: German Publishers & Booksellers Association).

The professional programme at the fair

The accompanying four-day professional programme in the four forums of the fair (Illustrators’ Café, Digital Café, Authors’ Café, Translators’ Café) is being organised by the Frankfurt Book Fair, together with our partners. Here too, illustrated books are the focus of attention.

Well-informed guided tours through the “LOOK!” exhibition will provide a glimpse behind the scenes at the creative work being done in Germany today, and give insights into the design approaches on show, including techniques and tools that range from watercolour and pencil drawing, to 3-D and digital collage.

Monday 4 April: 4.00 pm

Tuesday 5 April: 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm

Wednesday 6 April: 11.00 am, 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm

Thursday 7 April:  11.00 am

For the Portfolio Walk through the illustrators’ exhibition, many of the artists whose original artwork is included will be there in person. (Tuesday 5 April, 12.00 noon, BCBF Service Center)

German solutions for digitally enhanced children’s books will be presented at the event “Additional and Augmented Content in Childrens Books – Trends from the German-speaking Market” (Monday 4 April, 4.00 to 5.00 pm, in the Digital Café).

The important topics of flight and migration, and the question of how children’s literature can contribute to efforts to cope with the related challenges – That will be the subject examined at the event “Books with Refugees – Migration in children’s and young adult books” (Tuesday 5 April, 2.00 pm, Authors Café).

Installations and exhibitions in the city

The slogan of the German Guest of Honour appearance, “LOOK!”, and the multifaceted, fantastical world of illustration will also be invading downtown Bologna in the following exhibitions, to name but a few.

Frankfurt’s “Labor Ateliergemeinschaft” – a collective of eight graphic designers, illustrators and authors – will call on the public to get involved in their action Achtung Kartoffel! (“Watch out, potato!”), when they develop an alternative supermarket in the Sala Borsa. All visitors are called on to draw and paint as much as it can, to fill the shelves with previously unknown fantasy products. (Municipal library in the Sala Borsa, Piazza del Nettuno, 3)

The world of children’s and young adult book publishing is closely linked to the worlds of art and collectors’ editions. This is exemplified by the unique project of publisher Armin Abmeier, who launched Die Tollen Hefte (“The Amazing Books”) in 1990. These books, each of them 32 pages long, employ a highly unusual offset printing technique that results in unique, enchanting colours with a great aesthetic impact. (Palazzo d’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore 6)

The Illustra exhibition will show works by young artists. It is the product of a collective enterprise and competition by the art academies of Bologna, Macerata, Urbino, Hamburg, Leipzig and Münster. (“ABA Bologna” academy of art, Via delle Belle Arti 54)

More information: http://www.buchmesse.de/en/guestofhonourgermany/

Press photos: Illustration from the “LOOK” exhibition (a selection) PIN-Code: PJ4BF

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