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Candlewick Partners With United Through Reading to Celebrate Father's Day

More than 200 recording stations have been set up on board ships, inside tents in Afghanistan, at military bases, and within USO centers. Service members can record a video of themselves reading this beloved picture book out loud. Afterwards, their families will be able to view the recordings.

“Laura Rivas, Candlewick’s director of publicity, brands, and consumer outreach, noted that the partnership with UTR came about through discussions, with colleagues at the publisher’s London and Australian sister houses, about ways to commemorate the picture book’s 20-year milestone. ‘We had heard that Guess How Much I Love You has helped military families celebrate Father’s Day for many years,’ she said. ‘And we thought that a partnership with United Through Reading for Guess How Much I Love You, especially at this time of year, is a perfect match-up, and one that we hope continues beyond 2015.'” (Publishers Weekly)

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