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Five Star Publications, Inc. Launches a Monster of a Magazine with ‘StoryMonsters Ink’


CHANDLER, AZ (Summer 2014)—Five Star Publications, Inc. is announcing the launch of a new monthly magazine. “StoryMonsters Ink” is a free, subscription-based e-digest that gives parents and educators the latest news about award-winning and debut books, profiles on both renowned and newly published authors, upcoming book events, author presentations and more.

President of Five Star Publications, Inc. and former educator Linda F. Radke says she wants children to be actively involved in the publication of the magazine by including book reviews written by children.

“I’ve wanted to publish a magazine for a very long time, and I am so excited to see my idea become a reality,” Radke says. “We want to help parents, teachers and librarians instill a love of reading and writing in their students, and what better way to do that than to give these children an opportunity to participate in the publication of a magazine?” To submit a book review, contact Associate Editor Cristy Bertini at Cristy@FiveStarPublications.com for guidelines. Authors of printed reviews receive a free Story Monsters t-shirt for their first published review. Reviewers with five printed reviews get to choose a free book from the Little Five Star bookstore at www.LittleFiveStar.com.

The magazine also features an author profile each month, listings of authors who visit schools, back to school and summer reading guides, a book events calendar, listings of newly published books, as well as other articles about book trends, bookstores, author news, etc.

Radke also says, “We have gotten a wonderful response from readers and have already secured some wonderful interviews of very well-known authors for our upcoming issues. And, of course, we have more surprises on the way. Stay tuned!”

Young readers will learn about the wonderful world around them in a monthly column called “Conrad’s Classroom” written by the award-winning author and editor of more than 50 science and nature-based books, Conrad J. Storad. He is nationally renowned for his ability to captivate young audiences with well-researched facts about the scientific world.

While the magazine is new, its trademark character, the lovable, green Story Monster has been around Five Star Publications, Inc. for a little while. She made her first appearance in 2013 in an awards program developed by Five Star called Story Monster Approved! to recognize and honor both seasoned

and newly published children’s literature authors. In keeping with its goal of promoting children’s literacy, Five Star has determined that before a book is designated as Story Monster Approved!, it has to pass a rigorous judging process. If the book makes it past the first round of judges of industry experts, the book is then judged by youth judges, teachers and librarians represented from schools across the country who must also endorse the book before it can receive the official seal of approval.

New issues of “StoryMonsters Ink” will be available on the 16th of each month. For more information on “StoryMonsters Ink” and to sign up for a free subscription, visit www.StoryMonstersInk.com. To have your book considered for listing in the newly released or award-winning book columns, contact Editor-in-Chief Lynda Exley at Lynda@FiveStarPublications.com for guidelines.

To learn more about Five Star Publications, Inc. and its 29-year history of producing award-winning books for all ages, visit www.FiveStarPublications.com, email fivestarpublications@gmail.comor call 480-940-8182.

Linda F. Radke, Five Star Publications
Phone: 480-940-8182
Email: FiveStarPublications@gmail.com

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