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First Lady Michelle Obama & White House Chef Sam Kass Join Scholastic Math@Work Webisode with a Special Message for Students

NEW YORK, NY — First Lady Michelle Obama and White House Chef Sam Kass will deliver a special message to students during Scholastic’s Math@Work: Culinary Arts webisode launching April 29th at www.scholastic.com/mathematics. The Scholastic Math@Work: Culinary Arts webisode is designed to show students in grades 5 and up the connections between math and careers in the culinary arts while encouraging healthy eating.

An advocate for ensuring all children live healthy lives, First Lady Michelle Obama will address students across the country on the importance of eating healthy and cooking healthy. Sam Kass, White House Chef and Executive Director of the Let’s Move! initiative, a national campaign to solve the problem of childhood obesity, explains the role math plays in his job: “I am constantly measuring ingredients, converting units and using fractions and proportions. With all the big events we have here [at the White House], I know from experience that math is the key to scaling up recipes to feed hundreds of people.”

In the 30-minute Math@Work: Culinary Arts webisode, to be released online on Tuesday, April 29th, The Chew’sCarla Hall and the newest Top Chef Nicholas Elmi challenge three NYC high school students to create healthy dishes that can easily be served in school cafeterias across the country. Along the way, students will also solve math problems and discover the links between what they learn at school and careers in culinary arts.

Registration is open for the Math@WorkCulinary Arts webisode on the Scholastic Mathematics website at www.scholastic.com/mathematics.

For more information about Scholastic, visit our online media room at http://mediaroom.scholastic.com.

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