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Sylvan Dell Revamps Ebook Platform with Fun eReader


Fun eReader changes eBook Reading
Sylvan Dell Publishing announces enhanced format to eBook subscription

Mt. Pleasant, SC (October 30, 2013) – Releasing this week from Sylvan Dell Publishing is a revamped version of the subscription model eBooks under the heading Fun eReader. The new eBook platform allows for simultaneous access to the publishers 90 titles across a multitude of computer and tablet options.

For 6 years Sylvan Dell has delivered unique eBooks to schools and children throughout the United States and the world. Now, all of the unique features that Sylvan Dell offers have combined to allow children, parents and teachers access to eBooks with Fun eReader.  With a subscription, children have access to their online library from any device. Whether accessed through the iPad app, or on a home computer, the features that accompany each eBook can be used easily and simultaneously by multiple readers.

Each story carries a science or math theme throughout the traditional picture book story, and after the story children are able to explore facts and activities to learn more about the topics in that story. Sylvan Dell books have garnered praise from both educators, winning the District Administration top 100 products award for 2 consecutive years, as well as several prestigious book awards including the International Reading Association Children’s Choices, and NSTA’s Outstanding Science Trade Books. Educators are able to easily integrate the books into lessons using the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards information provided online and through the iPad app.

The Fun eReader iPad app was launched in 2012 with thousands of downloads. Some of the updated features include:

  •  Faster loading times and easier transition between English and Spanish
  • Inside each book the “More…” button allows quick access to activities, quizzes and book trailers
  • Quick search for subject or a book for a child’s reading level

Along with these upgrades, the Fun eReader platform continues to feature read-aloud options as well as English and Spanish selectable text for easy transition to language learning. There are many purchasing options for individuals as well as school and library multi-user plans. More information about the Fun eReader eBook platform can be found on the publisher’s website at sylvandellpublishing.com.



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