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BolognaRagazzi Award Winners Announced

“Promoted by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair this initiative rewards the best books in terms of graphic and editorial design. Also this year, along with the traditional Fiction, Non-Fiction and New Horizons categories, there will be a section called Opera Prima, devoted to the works of new authors and illustrators with the aim of acknowledging the publishers’ efforts in seeking new talent.”

more at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair website▸▸


FICTION: Eyes (Changbi Publishers, Paju-si, Korea)

NON-FICTION: Dictionnaire fou du Corps (Éditions Thierry Magnier, Paris, France)

NEW HORIZONS: Diccionario para Armar (El Colegio de México, Conaculta, Alas y Raíces, Mexico City, Mexico)

OPERA PRIMA: Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet (Templar Publishing, Dorking, UK)

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