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US Publisher Announces Company Will No Longer Sell Books on Amazon

The Educational Development Corp. (EDC), a mid-sized US publisher, announced today that the company will no longer sell any of their books on Amazon or to any entity that resells to Amazon. The change is effective immediately and is in response to Amazon’s recent actions, including their demand to receive greater discount rates from publishers, making it nearly impossible for other retailers to compete effectively.

Randall White, CEO of EDC, asserts the company will more than make up for the loss of Amazon sales through rival bookstores and a network of the company’s unique sales force:  a team of 7,000 representatives—mostly independent contractors—who sell to friends, family, and acquaintances by way of house parties or gatherings, similar to the sales model of Tupperware.

Read more about the separation from Amazon and the sales model at Digital Book World.

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