The Children's Book Council's Early Career Committee (ECC) is dedicated to enriching the careers of those in their first five years in the children’s publishing industry, contributing to the vitality of the industry as a whole, and fostering literacy. Learn more

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The ECC Career Crossover Panel Recap

The ECC Career Crossover Panel Recap

On Tuesday, February 21st, the ECC held its first Continuing Education event of the year: a publishing luminaries panel titled “The Crossover” that brought together four dynamic and distinguished industry professionals—who happen to be authors themselves. The panel featured Kheryn …

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Meet the Department

Familiarizing you with departments from our member houses

Making a Mega-Multitasker: Meet the Sales Department!

1) In brief, what does the Sales team do?The main focus of a Sales Person’s job is to represent the company for your account and represent the account for your company. We balance the needs and focuses of both for …

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Who's Reading What on Wednesdays?

Early Career Commitee members' (anonymous) picks

Princess Princess Ever After

Given the turbulent times we live in, I can’t fault those who look for art and entertainment that gives them a break from our “BREAKING NEWS” hellscape. I am a news junkie, admittedly, but recently, I’ve been in the mood …

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The ECC Questionnaire

How familiar faces in publishing got their start

Q&A with Christine Barcellona, Editor, Square Fish, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Tell us a little about your position at Macmillan. What does your role as an editor entail?I’m the editor for Square Fish, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group’s paperback line. That means I get to work on the paperbacks of books …

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