The Children's Book Council's Early Career Committee (ECC) is dedicated to enriching the careers of those in their first five years in the children’s publishing industry, contributing to the vitality of the industry as a whole, and fostering literacy. Learn more

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Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Stories

Volunteering in NYC can be hard. It sometimes feels impossible to find the time and energy for it in such a fast-paced city, let alone finding the right place or organization to volunteer with. Some people are natural humanitarians who love …

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Meet the Department

Familiarizing you with departments from our member houses

“Sometimes, they think we’re IT”: Meet the Metadata Department!

In brief, what does the Metadata team do?We make sure all of the information related to a book – title, author, summary, price, subject categories, trim size, cover, and a whole lot more – gets to our online retailers, so …

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Who's Reading What on Wednesdays?

Early Career Commitee members' (anonymous) picks

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Let’s start this off by saying that if you did not read Barnhill’s previous children’s novel, The Witch’s Boy, you should. The Girl Who Drank the Moon is another enchanting tale from an author who creates thoughtful, playful stories full of …

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The ECC Questionnaire

How familiar faces in publishing got their start

Q&A with Lindsay Pryor, Hachette Book Group, Human Resources Coordinator,

What is a typical day like in your role and in HR in general?Like with any job, I don’t think there is a “typical day”! Day to day, I spend my time recruiting for open jobs and internships, answering employee …

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